At Stunning Strings, students will find a nurturing, fun, yet demanding learning experience where their, gifts and innate abilities are developed and strengthened. Students of all levels and abilities are encouraged to take private lessons. We truly believe that every child can. Lessons are tailored to match the pace, learning style and needs of every student. Recitals or outreach concerts offer performance experience and students grow further by joining local orchestras, attending summer music festivals, performing in masterclasses, and attending live concerts.

As part of learning to play the violin, students learn to listen carefully, to appreciate music and fine tune their ear to hear pacing, pitch and inflection of sound. High musical standards and a commitment to learning with consistent daily practice is expected from day one. We expect every student’s best and nurture that with love. Students learn incrementally with weekly practice assignments, long and short-term practice challenges, preparing for performances, and attending concerts. They receive extensive support at their lessons and throughout the week with detailed practice sheets, personalized demonstration and play along recordings plus as needed support in between lessons. 

Incremental progress through smart, strategic daily practice is the “secret” ingredient that creates the magic – beautiful playing, life-changing skills and self-confidence. In the end, the goal is for each student to love and enjoy music, play skillfully and develop character and skills that improve their life and better our world.